Philosophy of Teaching

Music teachers have a positive impact on children by sharing their love of music. And while teaching music in the classroom requires structure, there can be a great deal of freedom with music curriculum. This freedom allows teachers   to craft their teaching to best suit the needs of their students. Music teachers get to watch their students grow from novices learning a song to students who have achieved a level of musicality. Witnessing that transition is a wonderful thing to experience,

My professional philosophy of music education embraces the heart and soul of the learner. Music class should be a safe place where learning music is an opportunity for personal growth and to have fun! Music education builds self-esteem through discipline and mastery. It provides avenues for freedom of expression and the experience of being part of a team. No other discipline provides such a varied experience or so fully engages the senses as music education does. Needless to say, music education should be available to all students. Every student regardless of grade level, gender or race benefits from being a student of music.

Finally in a world that has become increasingly diverse, music is the universal language that has the power to draw everyone together. In my life nothing has compared to the richness music provides and  my plan is to help my students experience all the benefits of music education.