Who will restore my 1968 Bach Strad?

Trumpet players are always searching for the perfect mouthpiece and a legendary horn.  Like most of my fellow trumpeters, I have been looking for that special horn and I think I have it in my hands.  It is known in trumpet circles as an “Early Elkhart Bach” because it was produced when the Bach plant was moved in 1965 from Mt Vernon, New York to Elkhart, Indiana.    Iphone Pictures 2_15_2016 516

Iphone Pictures 2_15_2016 509The horn plays great and just needs a good sonic cleaning, perhaps a new lead pipe and a first slide ring added.  After assessing the horn and making any necessary repairs, I would like to have it refinished.  Right now it looks gold (from the old cellulose lacquer)  but I would like to refinish it in silver plate, if possible.  Today I contacted Charlie Melk to restore the trumpet and can’t wait to hear back from him.

Iphone Pictures 2_15_2016 513

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