Bach Strad restoration begins!

Charlie received my trumpet and gave me some good news:  my horn has no red rot and it is in great shape!   So the plan is to clean the trumpet via the Ultrasonic Method

Here’s Charlie’s explanation of Ultrasonic cleaning from his website  (

This ultrasonic machine is designed specifically for cleaning brass instruments. Unlike the old method of using harmful acids, harsh chemicals, and abrasive brushing, the ultrasonic process is safer for the horn, the user, and the environment. The process uses sound waves to loosen and rinse away all types of dirt and grime from every surface area of the instrument. Finish with a simple rinse and air/towel dry and it’s done.


Ultrasonic Power Corp posted this You-Tube video of a trumpet being cleaned


After the trumpet is cleaned it will be silver plated and a first slide saddle will be added.  I should have my restored trumpet back by the end of May.  I will post pictures of the trumpet when I get it back from Charlie.

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